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I got stars directing my fate [entries|friends|calendar]

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I has an egg. [21 Jan 2009|05:17pm]
I have given in to the fad!

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Writer's Block: Tricky Questions [15 Jan 2009|02:37pm]
What is your first reaction when someone says "I need to talk to you"?
Oh crap...

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Helping out a friend. [08 Nov 2007|02:39pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Making this public so that errrrvryone can see it (duh).

One of my friends is kinda down on her luck and is doing commission paintings to help herself out. I'm helping her advertise. She's VERY talented and has mostly fantasy/landscape/floral paintings in her repertoire, but this is NOT the limit to what she can do. Here is a link to the gallery:


If you are interested in a commission painting, please contact ME at stardragon116@yahoo.com and I will give you her contact information/have her contact you. This is being done to screen the trolls that lurk in my journal.

Here are some of my faves:


Things that make me go "awww" [04 Aug 2006|07:54pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Like a huge UMD linebacker hugging the tiniest kitten I've ever seen.


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lol [18 Apr 2006|03:47pm]
[ mood | *snerk* ]

The internet is serious business!

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Oh, the things I find... [14 Mar 2006|08:12pm]

Get your own spectral analysis from Area 23®

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Bomb-sniffing dog [13 Mar 2006|01:17am]
Aw, c'mon. He's cute!


hot-wing tagged me. [06 Mar 2006|08:48pm]
I usually despise these things, but I liked this one for some reason.

here's the game
You have to name ten things that you absolutely love or like a lot and ten things that you absolutely hate or dont like a lot! Then tag 5 people and leave them a comment. No tag backs!

the things i love/ like alot: (in no particular order)

1. My family
2. My friends
3. hunting
4. fishing
5. me
6. my commons (!)
7. Coldstone
8. chocolate
9. Will :)
10. seafood

the things i hate/ dont like alot: (in no particular order)

1. willful ignorance
2. PeTA
3. People telling me what to do
4. closed-mined people
5. those people at the union who yell at me for not taking their stupid pamphlet
6. overly-sensitive people who bitch and cry all the time
7. general asshats
8. people who can't take a fucking joke.
9. the things I do sometimes
10. cats! (except Molly, but I think she's part dog :))

Tagged:  superironbob, ovariescanbefun, allisononlyfnooshterviscount_hounds


My sentiments exactly... [06 Mar 2006|05:52pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]


Mmm... eyefork.

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"Emo Oranges" [04 Mar 2006|10:33pm]

Thanks, imageshack!

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Oh yea. Nerd time. [27 Feb 2006|11:10pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

What D&D character are you?


You Are A:

Lawful Good Elf Fighter

Lawful Good characters are the epitome of all that is just and good. They believe in order and governments that work for the benefit of all, and generally do not mind doing direct work to further their beliefs.

Elves are the eldest of all races, although they are generally a bit smaller than humans. They are generally well-cultured, artistic, easy-going, and because of their long lives, unconcerned with day-to-day activities that other races frequently concern themselves with. Elves are, effectively, immortal, although they can be killed. After a thousand years or so, they simply pass on to the next plane of existance.

Primary Class:
Fighters are the warriors. They use weapons to accomplish their goals. This isn't to say that they aren't intelligent, but that they do, in fact, believe that violence is frequently the answer.

Secondary Class:

Detailed Results:

Law and Chaos:
Law ----- XXXXX (5)
Neutral - XXXX (4)
Chaos --- XXX (3)

Good and Evil:
Good ---- XXXXXXXXX (9)
Neutral - XX (2)
Evil ---- (-2)

Human ---- XXXXXXXX (8)
Half-Elf - XXXXXXXX (8)
Elf ------ XXXXXXXXXX (10)
Gnome ---- XXXXXXXX (8)
Halfling - XXXXXX (6)
Dwarf ---- XXXXXX (6)
Half-Orc - XXXXXXXX (8)

Ranger --- XXXXXXXXXXX (11)
Monk ----- XXXXX (5)
Paladin -- XXXXXXXXX (9)
Cleric --- XXXXXXXXX (9)
Mage ----- X (1)
Druid ---- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12)
Thief ---- (-10)
Bard ----- XXXXXXX (7)

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*GASP!* [24 Feb 2006|11:54pm]
Spiderman 3

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I have a pet duck! [22 Feb 2006|01:21am]

my pet!


Stolen from CJ [06 Feb 2006|10:48pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Pt... Platinum
You scored 57 Mass, 42 Electronegativity, 55 Metal, and 20 Radioactivity!

Platinum is a rare breed, and one who's reputation as a stalwart
bastion of virtue is well-earned. You stick up for what you believe in,
never change, and get along well with others. I would recommend that
you become a politician, but the sad truth is that you don't understand
us lesser and less-confident beings all that well. With a couple good
Carbon advisors to keep you in touch with the scuzzy non-metals I'd
vote for ya though. You are loud, be proud... keep it up.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 92% on Mass
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You scored higher than 80% on Electroneg
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 53% on Metal
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 77% on Radioactivity
Link: The Which Chemical Element Am I Test written by effataigus on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

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[23 Jan 2006|12:33am]
[ mood | amused ]

Happy early 18th Birthday Noosh!


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It's a Christmas miracle!!!! [06 Jan 2006|03:48pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I passed Biochemistry AND Physics.

*passes out*

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Here I Come, Jackie!!! [05 Jan 2006|12:04am]
[ mood | amused ]

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Get the chick next door pregnant.

Get your resolution here

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Risen from the grave... [02 Jan 2006|07:51pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Look at the top 15 most played songs on your playlist. Post your favorite quote from that song and have friends guess what it is. If you are reading this, post a comment with the number from the list, the title of the song, and the artist. No googling allowed!!!!

1. "You talk good. I'll eat glass."
2. "Like a cat in heat stuck in a moving car"
3. "Sexy, independent, gotta spend it type that's gettin' his dough"
4. "Ooooo she's got a body under that shirt but all she wants to do is rub my face in the dirt"
5. "Do you want it over here do you want it over there... I can give you anything you can handle"
6. "Everybody knows somebody that knows somebody that knows somethin about it"
7. "Everyone here hates everyone here for doin' just like they do"
8. "I can't live without you tell me what am I supposed to about it?"
9. "Maggie, I wish I'd never ever seen your face"
10. "One minute you're on top, next you're not, making your heart stop just before you hit the floor"
11. "Whatsamatter with the clothes I'm wearin'? Can't you tell that your tie's too wide?"
12. "Oh I feel it comming back again like a rolling thunder chasin' the wind"
13. "This'll be the last time I ever do your hair"
14. "When they all make you feel like you're a problem girl, you should know that you're no problem at all"
15. "Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones."


Happy Hollidays [21 Dec 2005|01:31pm]
[ mood | amused ]


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WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE [16 Dec 2005|05:03pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I got a B in Pathogenic Micro lecture and an A in the lab!!! I RULE!!!

Also, wow, you guys graded that exam fast....

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